Jess #3 – Drive to Colorado – This Week

I can officially say that this week I am driving to Colorado.

Thursday night when I pick up the rental, the trip will begin. I am getting my groceries tonight, and was looking for a few recipes.

Not only did I find one or two, but I wanted to share this thought from the Dirty Gourmet:

If you are struggling with anything in life right now or in the future, don’t underestimate the power of the “real” world to take care of you and refresh your perspective. Get outside and do something you love to do. You’ll feel the good start rushing back into your soul immediately.

I am so ready for a perspective re-alignment. That statement is the sum of my trip.

My struggles are minimal, but I have struggled this year. My soul needs some time in the Mountains.
By the end of this trip, Kioko will have been in more states (19) than most humans I know. I’ll post my Google map of the path as well as the camp sites I will be staying on my return.

Day one will take us through 4 states:
West Virginia

Day 2:

Day 3: Kansas (and a lot of dead corn fields)

Day 4: Colorado!!!

Return Trip:

Colorado to Nebraska on day one.

Day 2:

Day 3:

Pennsylvania… to home.


On another note, can you believe next week starts the pre-season of football… I really could care less, but I will be wearing my Denver Broncos shirt on Thursday for the game against Da Bears, too bad it’s an away game, otherwise I might have considered tailgating. I’ll tailgate at the yurt instead.
Uh, oh… Jack White is playing Wednesday at Red Rocks. Looking into pet care now.


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