Jess #23 – CSA – Conquering the Radish

Disclosure regarding the list and the CSA: To be slightly technical, I bought into the CSA prior to the list’s inception. The challenge here will be to EAT this stuff. I am counting on those who have gone before me in this culinary adventure to guide my picky-ness and pique my taste-buds.

Jen emailed me to see if I wanted to do a half share of her CSA. While most might go with the half, I went with a quarter. I wanted to do it, logically it makes sense – to eat locally grown produce, that arrives week after week.

I have this illogical vegetable and fruit thing going on. That therein lies the problem.

When folks first meet me, they jump to deciphering the code: I like apple sauce, but not apples; orange juice but not oranges; celery is out because it is crunchy; cucumbers out just on principle.

Maybe, they say, it’s texture thing… no. Maybe it’s x, y, or z. Whatever it is, I seem to be getting by just fine on the things that I like, (it’s a small list).

So, the first installment of the CSA arrived this week, and among the items were radishes. Off the list. Red and boring and crunchy.

Well, I have to eat them. So I start to look for recipes and come across this little gem:

Scroll on down to the Pan Seared little number. Balsamic makes everything taste better. I am eating them right now. Freaking phenomenal. I also added another ingredient — garlic greens (or scapes as I have just learned.)

These curly stem-y things were also in our bucket.  They are the greens shoots of garlic. Here’s more of a description, and things to do with said scapes:

I cut them up in inch size lengths and threw them in the saute.

Pretty darn pleased with myself.

These are other veggies and fruits that I need to tackle this week:

Strawberries (no problem there)
Beets (roasted? never made)
Broccoli  (again, no prob)
Kale must be that curly leaf thing (someone was just telling me about kale chips)
Romain (salad, here we come)
Some other green leafy thing (which I think was Chard?)

Admittedly, I am floored that I am eating radishes and enjoying them. Hopefully I will get some original photography for the dishes I create.

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